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Outsource Any of the Following Tasks to our Digital Marketing Team

If you have everything figured out for your business but need specific tasks done without direct interaction with our VA’s, you are at liberty to use our Pay-Per-Task Service. 

Websites and Landing Pages
  • Conduct Audience Research 
  • Determine Website’s Monitization Model
  • Develop Website Content
  • Conduct Keyword Research and Keyword Mapping
  • Create Website Branding Assets
  • Set up Website Homepage on Wordpress
  • Develop a Lead Magnet & Opt-in Forms
  • Integrate an Email Auto Responder
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Integrate Checkout and Payment Processor
  • Set up Blog
  • Create Blog Content
  • Get Website Indexed

Website seo settings and analytics
  • Check for Pretty Permalinks
  • Check for Mobile Friendliness
  • Check for Site Speed
  • Keep URLs Short
  • Check and Optimize Your 404 Page
  • Make it Easy to Share Content
  • Claim Your Brand on Multiple Social Networks
  • Set Up Google Analytics
  • Set Up Google Search Console(GSC)
  • Install an SEO Solution for Your Website
  • Set Up Uptime Monitoring
  • Check for About, Contact, Privacy Policy, and TOS Pages
  • Set up Keyword Rank Tracking
Website Performance
  • Check for GZIP Compression
  • Check for HTTP/2
  • Use a Caching Solution
  • Minify JS/CSS Files
  • Resize Large Images at Upload
  • Compress and Optimize images
  • Lazy Load Images & Iframes (YouTube embeds, etc)
  • Update Technology
  • Optimize Database
Technical SEO

  • Check for http(s) status
  • Fix Mixed Content
  • Create a Sitemap & Add it to Google Search Console(GSC)
  • Create a Robots.txt File
  • Check that URLs have redirects to / or the canonical is set to/
  • Check and Fix Broken Links
  • Check and Fix Redirect Chains
  • Fix Missing and Duplicate Meta Titles and Descriptions
  • Use Redirects Properly
  • Check for Index Coverage Issues
  • Check for Manual Penalties
  • Keep Pages at Maximum 3 Clicks from Reach
  • Use "noindex" and "nofollow" Tags Properly
  • Disable Irrelevant Pages from Being Indexed
On-Page SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Target Keyword Placement
  • HI, H2 and H3 Headings
  • Meta Titles and Descriptions
  • Internal and External Links
  • Link out to Relevant, Authoritative Websites
  • Image SEO
  • Social Markup
  • Check Dwell Time and Optimize It
  • Optimize for SERP Features
Off-Page SEO
  • Build Foundational Links
  • Interlink Social Networks
  • Guest Post on Niche-Related Blogs
  • Embark on Linkbuilding Outreach
  • Use Social Signals to Boost Page Rankings
  • Schedule Social Posting
Local SEO
  • Claim your GMB Listing
  • Claim Your Yelp Listing
  • Claim your Bing Places for Business Listing
  • Optimize Listings
  • Get on General Relevant Directories
  • Get on Niche-specific Directories
  • Reply to Reviews
  • Reach Out for Reviews
  • Publish Google Posts
  • Check for Site-wide NAP Details
  • Have Consistent NAP Details Across the Site
  • Have Consistent NAP Details on Listings & Social Networks
  • Have a Content Strategy Targeting Local Topics
  • Claim Brand Mentions from Local Sites
  • Add Local Business Markup  to your Homepage

Content Marketing

Content Research

  • Conduct Content Audit
  • Conduct Competitor Analysis

Content Strategy

  • Define Your Audience Persona
  • Map Content to the Customer Journey
  • Conduct Keyword/Topic Research
  • Develop Content Plan/Editorial Calendar

Content Creation

  • Develop Content Outline/Brief
  • Create the First Draft
  • Optimize for Topic Authority
  • Edit and Proofread

Content Promotion

  • Publish Content 
  • Splinter Content for Social Media Posts
  • Repurpose Content for Video Sharing
  • Repurpose Content for Podcasting
  • Repurpose Content for Infographics Sharing
  • Promote Content with Paid Ads
  • Promote Content through Link Sharing Networks
  • Get Link Building Opportunities through Cold Email Outreach

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