About eJobsAfrica

eJobsAfrica provides digital outsourcing services to help busy professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators become more productive. We offer Virtual Assistant Services, Pay-Per-Task Services, and Done-for-You Funnels

The Mission

We are on a mission to create dignified digital job opportunities for the youth of Africa. We achieve this by outsourcing talent to businesses seeking to become hyper-productive and profitable.

The eJobsAfrica Story

The idea of training African youth to participate in the gig economy was birthed in Ghana over a decade ago, though at the time there wasn’t adequate infrastructure to support initial efforts.

A decade later, things have changed – and for the better!

With the current spate of the digital revolution and the increasing popularity of remote work amid a global pandemic, there is no better time to launch this decade-long dream. In the words of Victor Hugo, “There is nothing like an idea whose time has come.”

The Hypothesis

We ask:

“If we upskill unemployed African college graduates with digital skills for remote work…

... and approach business owners and solopreneurs interested in the development of Africa to outsource their digital work…

…can we provide reliable and dignified work to the graduates, while at the same time giving the business owner 50-100% more value than they would have gained from a typical freelance site?”

Our Partners

Whizzy Academy's mission is to enable economic opportunities for the African youth through digital innovation and enterprise development. The eJobsAfrica initiative is one of our flagship programs towards the fulfillment of this core mission.

Founded in Ghana in 2008 and funded by the Meltwater Foundation, the non-profit arm of Meltwater, MEST Africa provides critical skills training, funding, and support in software development, business, and communications to Africa's tech entrepreneurs. Hubs are located in Accra, Ghana; Lagos, Nigeria; Cape Town,  South Africa; and Nairobi, Kenya. 

In partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and their Young Africa Works strategy, MEST started the Pre-MEST program, an early-stage training program designed to give young Ghanaians the expertise needed to take their business acumen and technology skills to the next level, and prepare them for future entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. Following Whizzy Academy's partnership with MEST, the Pre-MEST program now serves as one of eJobsAfrica' key talent pipelines, where VA's are recruited from.

Africa Trade desk(ATD). headquartered in Quebec, Canada promotes bilateral trade, commerce, economic development, education , and cultural exchange between the people and businesses of Canada and the countries of Africa.

Our partnership with ATD is one of 'a match in heaven'. Whiles Whizzy Academy develops and maintains the eJobsAfrica platform, sources talent from Africa, and oversees the VA-client work collaboration. Africa Trade Desk makes all our efforts worthwhile by connecting us to client across North America Europe.

Founded in 2008 by Craig Cannings and his Wife Kelly. Freelance university is one of the leading providers of online freelance education in the world today. They have help over 20,000 students in 75(and counting) countries build thriving freelance businesses. Freelance University provides training and certification in 80 in-demand courses designed to level up learners' digital skills. 

Our collaboration with Freelance University provides us an opportunity to access learning resources developed and perfected over two decades for the upskilling of our VA's.

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